Brand Protection

Your brand is your most valuable asset. We protect it by maximizing the visibility of your products, carefully curating a top-notch customer experience at all levels on our platform and stabilizing pricing so you can sleep well knowing that only approved partners are selling what's best for YOU!

Revenue Growth

With over 112 million Amazon Prime members, there's no better place to reach customers. Now with the right team and proprietary strategies we can make your products visible on a massive consumer platform - growing revenue for you in ways that are just as impressive!

Brand Exposure

There's only one thing in the world worse than being talked about; And that's not being talked about. The exposure of your brand is important to your growth strategy. Ensuring that people are seeing, talking, and engaging your products is one of the many strategies we implement.

Our Team Builds A

Custom Model for your Brand

Each brand has unique needs and setting the correct Amazon strategy is key to the long term success. We will work with you to build that customer model for success.

Seller Central (3P)

This is when you as the Brand sell on Amazon via the Seller Central Platform. You control the Store, Pricing, Advertising Spend, Content etc. We run all of this on your behalf.

Vendor Central (1P)

This is when you as a brand sell your items directly to Amazon as a Vendor. Amazon then is in control of many aspects of your products and listings.

Exclusive Reseller

This is when Hero Amz becomes your Exclusive Amazon Reseller for your products. If you are approved for this program we will purchase products from you at wholesale and then sell them from our storefront on Amazon.

Partnering with over 30 Brands

A Team of 23
Amazon Experts

15,000 + ASINS Managed

$60M+ in Annual Sales Managed

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Let Us Help your Brand with a Solid Amazon Strategy.

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