How to Optimize Amazon Product Pages

Amazon is the largest online marketplace for purchasing and selling goods. With so many products and sellers, having a proper and well-optimized product page on Amazon can increase sales.

The best way to optimize your product pages is by making sure you have great images, bullet points, titles etc., however, there are other ways that will help as well. In this article, we will walk you through the different parts of a well-optimized product page and give tips on how to best utilize those elements.

Product Page Title

The title of a product page is one of the most important parts. In general, Amazon will try and automatically pull in some keywords from your listing, but it usually isn’t the best representation of your actual brand name or product. The title should be short and elevate what makes your product unique. It’s also useful to include your brand or product name in the title.

This is what an example of a good product page title would look like:

“Product Name – [Brand]’s High-Quality Product Name”

It includes the brand name and the product name It uses keywords that make it clear what type of product this is and what makes it unique

A bad example would be: “Product Name – Amazon’s Highest Rated Product”

This title doesn’t include anything about the brand or what makes this product unique, and therefore should not include the brand name. It also uses a lot of unnecessary keywords that don’t describe the product well.

Bullet Points

Bullet points are a great place to inform and persuade your customer. It is a good idea to have multiple bullet points that go above and beyond what is listed in the title. This will help you rank higher for competitive keywords, but also describes what makes your product unique compared to other products on Amazon with similar listings.

Here is an example of a bullet point that doesn’t describe the product well, but may rank for competitive keywords:

“Made in USA – Our high-quality product was made in America with your satisfaction guaranteed.”

This bullet point is not very descriptive and therefore does not help sell this particular product. Instead it uses general phrases like “high-quality” and “made in America”.

Here is an example of a better bullet point:

“Made in USA – Our high-quality product was made in America with your satisfaction guaranteed. Every purchase comes with our 30-day money back guarantee so you can feel safe buying from us.”

This bullet point does more than just say the product is made in America, it also includes the brand name and why buying from them will make you feel safe.

Product Images

Amazon is not a great platform for showcasing large images, however, it is still important to have high quality images that are relevant to your product. You should include multiple images if possible including one main image with an alternate “zoomed in” image. A zoomed-in image can prove to be helpful when your product is very unique compared to other products on Amazon with similar listings.

The most important parts of this product image are the price and the star rating, which has nothing to do with the actual product. This image also contains a poor quality photo and includes no additional images of the product.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a great way to add additional information and images that can help sway the customer into buying. This page will automatically pull in images, titles, and bullet points from your listing on Amazon. It is important to include all of the relevant keywords here for this page to work correctly. This means that the title of the page should be the same as your product page, and you should include all relevant keywords from your listing in this section. This is a great place to add information about why you started your company or other beneficial information for customers. You can also add additional images here.

Brand Description

The brand description should include all relevant keywords that relate to your brand. It should also include the story behind why you started this brand, or any additional information that helps sell your product. For example, if you have an apparel brand it would be a good idea to tell a little bit about yourself and how you started the company. This can help persuade customers into purchasing from your brand.

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