Getting Reviews for Your Amazon Listings

The number of reviews your Amazon listing has is key to getting more exposure and ranking higher in search results. No matter how great your product is if no one knows about it you’ll be stuck with all the default listings that get bought by people setting up new amazon accounts who pay less than a dollar for products they never intend on buying.

So, lets get into some ways to get people reviewing your stuff:

First off, offering incentives such as discounts, gift cards or entry into some coupon code draw can go a long way toward moving people from “that sounds like it might be nice” to actually writing a review on your product. Just make sure not to require them to give you five stars or tell everyone how great your product is (Amazon is cracking down on this), just keep it simple by simply asking what they thought of your product. 

Next up, go social! You can rely on Amazon to weed out the most blatantly paid reviews but you have no control over the rest. If you’re trying to get more reviews for your products try posting them to boards or facebook groups where people are discussing similar items. These people might still think “oh, I’ll give it a shot” when asked for an honest review instead of “no one in their right mind would ever bother reviewing something like this.” This method has the bonus of getting exposure not only in terms of new sales but also building up backlinks to your item page that will help increase SEO rankings.

The final tip is to try and go viral. Post your product to reddit, Tumblr or other boards that might be interested in what you’re selling and watch the sales roll in.

Just don’t spam it everywhere and ask people for reviews at every step because this will get you flagged by Amazon pretty quickly.

When all else fails there’s always bribes:

WARNING: Be sure to stay on top of your review requests so these don’t become suspiciously frequent over time! If they start asking questions like “How often do you buy dog food” or “How often do you run out of toilet paper?” odds are good their account has been banned from writing reviews!

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